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Lemontations began over 30 years ago with a teenage boy, a camera, and a passion for photography. Dan Lemon took his first photographs with a miniature 16mm Minox "spy" camera that he borrowed from his dad. The joy of taking pictures quickly developed into a hobby. It wasn't long before Dan purchased his first professional 35mm camera and carried it with him wherever he went.

His deep appreciation for art carried over into Dan's love of photography. As his technical expertise grew, Dan became increasingly inspired to move beyond traditional photographic images and evolve his work using more artistic methods. With the advent of computers and digital imaging, Dan has become a master in the art of image creation, enhancement, and restoration. His extensive background in computer hardware and software further complements his ability to create outstanding images and graphics.

Whether the creative output is intented for individuals or businesses, the goal at Lemontations is to enhance our customers environment in artistic, meaningful ways. From basic graphics to elegant art presentations, our mission is to strive for visual excellence in everything we do.

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